Saturday, October 24, 2009

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By: Harold Michael Harvey

What does a five year old black boy do when his grandmother warns him he cannot play behind the sales counter with the grandson of the white shop owner in the mid 1950s? If he is Harold Michael Harvey he embarks upon a lifetime journey to understand social mores and how to overcome them.

For the 58 year old Harvey the end result is the publication of his first novel Paper Puzzle. The novel released in the southern fiction genre, is set in Harvey’s hometown of Macon, Georgia, by the largest traditional publishing house in the nation, Publish America. He draws on his past experiences as an award winning journalist and award winning trial lawyer to spin a tale of mystery cloaked in the traditions of the South.

Paper Puzzle introduces dual protagonists, one white, Clay Moore managing editor of the town’s daily newspaper and Jimmy Royal editor of the local black weekly tabloid. Both men as cub reporters covered a gangland styled murder and were pulled off the story by their publishers before anyone was brought to justice.

As time passes the two men kept thoughts of it in the back of region of their minds. Suddenly, Clay Moores’ life is interrupted when he discovers news clippings from the gangland styled murder in his bed each morning. When Clay’s security and career is threatened by a powerful federal judge he is forced to turn to the only other person who can help him solve the paper puzzle laying in his bed. He turns to Jimmy Royal and together the two reporters in the spirit of Woodard and Bernstein uncovers decades of injustice hidden neatly under the guise of the social mores of the times.

Paper Puzzle is on sale everywhere fine books are sold.

Harvey, who lives in Atlanta and writes in the Great Smokey mountains says, “I’ve walked around with this story all my life, it is a relief to finally get it out so others can help me figure out the conundrum of growing up American.


Brad Bechler said...

I ordered my copy of your book, yesterday. Anxiously, awaiting its arrival. From one Author to another, Good Luck my man!

Brad Bechler said...

I ordered my copy of your book, yesterday. Anxiously, awaiting its arrival. From one Author to another, Good Luck my man!

jacqueline said...

It's amazing how life will sometimes embed a splinter into our soul which irritates us until we pluck it out and transform it into something great. Congrats again on your book. I'm excited about receiving my copy as well!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Dr. Harvey,

I'm going to get by Barnes & Nobles as quickly as possible! Congratulations on the release and I look forward to many more from you!

Nickalus T. Holt

Erin O'Riordan said...

Sounds like an amazing story. Thanks for sharing this on Gather.

Ms Lee P said...

Aww, Michael, I have been lax in ordering my copy. I shall do so right now. I look forward to reading what you have written and i look forward to the movie when it is realeased. I know it's wonderful. Thanks for prompting my memory.

Your Friend,
Ms Lee P.

Ms Lee P said...

Whoops. Paypal requires more money than I have in my account. Where can I order using a credit card?

Harold Michael Harvey said...

Ms. P, I will send you a copy at no cost to you if you will send me a mailing address through a secured source.

Sammi_O said...

When I lived in Houston, Texas in the late 40's, I remember the negro drinking fountains and the white drinking fountains. I thought it was wrong then and I still think it was a societal disease.

This article in your Blog, HMichaelHarvey is so poignant, even now when there is still the spirit of hate and racism. I may not agree with BHO's politics but I pray for him, for his family and I thank God that America, for once in our history, have come to their senses.

Thank you for writing this and to make us all cognizent of what was and what still is in the minds of some very hateful Americans.

Dori said...

Congratulations on your new book! :) This is great and I thank you for exploring this subject that is a problem outside America too. I know because I've experienced it elsewhere. Bravo to you!

simi said...

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JPPREYER said...

Man, sounds like a great story. On the radar of my reading list.

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Paper Puzzle